D’s Soul Full Cafe Joins Forces with The Ale House and Hoboken Menus

A whole new way of ordering food while sitting at your favorite bar has been launched in Hoboken

We’re sure this has happened to you. You’re sitting at the bar with friends and you start to feel a li’l hungry. The bar you’re at doesn’t have a kitchen. So you settle up your tab and move on. This sucks for the bar because they lose your business. It also sucks for you because now you have to find a new place to hang.

Some places have tried to curtail that by offering up a binder of menus for patrons to browse. That’s fine, but not very convenient. We wanted to create something different. Instead of weeding thru a pile of choices, then having to call for the food and scramble for cash when it arrives, we’ve teamed up with The Ale House and Hoboken Menus to bring you something brilliant and simple.

How Does It Work?

Instead of the afore mentioned menu shuffle, you simply order your food from the bartender as you would at any bar/grill. D’s Soul Full Cafe created a special menu for The Ale House, including several exclusive items you can’t get even in our own cafe. For example; Mesquite Pulled Turkey on a Roll (D’s twist on a BBQ classic topped w/our homemade cucumber dill yogurt sauce) or Beer-Braised Chicken (a hearty stew of beer-braised boneless chicken thighs w/thyme, pearl onions & red potatoes). What happens next is where it gets interesting.

Rather than an order going to the bar’s kitchen, it’s punched into a tablet behind the bar and transmitted to D’s Soul Full Cafe down the street thanks to a custom-built app powered by Hoboken Menus. Once the food is ready, it’s rushed hot & ready to eat as you continue sipping on your favorite adult beverage. All without anyone having to pick up a phone. Also, no money is exchanged with the food delivery person. You’ll simply settle up with the bar at the end of the night as usual. We wanted this to be a seamless experience.

How Did It Come About?

As a regular customer of D’s Soul Full Cafe, Ale House owner Joe Berg already knew the food was awesome. One evening, our Chef Dwight Thompson was at The Ale House and Joe mentioned that he wanted to serve food but didn’t want to deal with the stress of building and running a kitchen. Immediately they thought of having D’s be the bar’s kitchen.

That’s when D’s owner Stephen Bailey contacted Sean Miller at Hoboken Menus to see if they could build the custom app. We wanted to work with Hoboken Menus because they’re small enough to be flexible yet very well-known in Hoboken. The Hoboken Menus website site does 30k menu downloads a month!

Plus, Sean and Stephen have known each other for many years thru their mutual backgrounds in the publishing industry.

What’s Next?

Head over to The Ale House tonite, grab a pint (or several) and order up some grub! They’ve got cold beer, a pool table, shuffleboard, great atmosphere, great people, and now great food as well.

Stay Hungry (and Thirsty) Hoboken!!