Nena Tahil

Art on display at D’s in February 2011

Having lived in South East Asia, Egypt and America and of Singaporean and Filipino heritage, my multi‐ cultural background has nurtured my appreciation of differences and my ability to meld them into a harmonious unity.

My style is inspired by my favorite artists whose styles are divergent – Mondrian and Chagall. Silk allows me to create the fusion of modern geometrical design with ethereal imaginations. My abstract creations are tactile and have an organic feel. Landscapes and human figures on silk are dream‐like renditions.

Through my works I translate feelings and memories of places and events while expressing the juxtapositions of life.

Silk as a medium is strong, yet delicate. Painting on silk is a balance between control and fluidity. The painting methods I apply to my works are both simple yet complex. The uniqueness of the medium gives each art piece a quiet luxury.

The intrinsic nature of silk and the various techniques I use reinforce my life perspective… “When striving for perfection, delight in the mystery of possibilities and surprises and contemplate the unique beauty of imperfections.”‐paintings‐by‐