Ricardo Roig

Art on display at D’s in July/August 2011

Artist’s Statement

It is necessary to have a deeper meaning in mind to create a provocative work of art. When painting, you need to be thinking of something else. With extensive meditation, focus and concentration, these thoughts transcribe into a visual language of color and form, recorded in human marks and brushstrokes. Created this way, artwork becomes a marriage of ones subconscious as well as their conscious decisions. To ease in struggling with it’s execution, the artist must remind oneself of the reason they are creating their work, of its unique inspirational sensations.

Easily put, the art must be about something other than its materials. Rendering an image to the point of exactness does not make a painting. A painting is formed when the oil paint is tamed and pushed around to the point where it transcends into something alive, something greater than just oil paint and canvas. Not only do I want my art to speak to its viewer, convey and celebrate the very human emotions I share with them, but transport them into this world, this fourth dimension, and demand their attention through my evocative use of color-shapes and line.

My images come from life, dreams, visions, hallucinations, nightmares, but are always experienced through a specific atmospheric space. I attempt to evoke these experiences in my artwork, a representation of my world- through my eyes, mind and heart. My art is my elevated form of communication and allows me to express and understand my emotions in hopes of finding peace. I hope my art uplifts, sometimes challenges people to think, but always reminds us of our shared humanity in this natural world for which we are all born into.