An Eco-Friendly “Bring Your Own Mug” Special

Come and fill up your favorite travel mug with delicious hot coffee, tea or cocoa for $1 any day of the week

No matter what your stance might be on this whole issue of Global Warming, one thing is for sure; We can all use a lot less waste in our lives. Paper, plastic, money. Wasting any of it is just not a good idea.

We here at D’s Soul Full Cafe have come up with a little way that we can help you help us help the planet (and save you some cash in the process).

Come in any day of the week and fill your travel mug with fresh hot coffee, cocoa or tea for just $1.00 or iced coffee for just $2.00 (up to 24 oz cuz … let’s not get carried away).

That’s right … just one or two measly dollars!

Why are we doing this? Because we want to help you save money and cut down on some needless, everyday waste. It’s good for Mother Earth and your wallet.

Come in and fuel your day responsibly.