Art Exhibit Featuring Tara Patrice & Angelica Pasquali

Come see the wonderful artworks of two NJ artists: Painter Tara Patrice & Photographer Angelica Pasquali

‘Queen Spirit’ by Tara Patrice

‘Roadside’ by Angelica Pasquali

About The Artists

Tara Patrice
“Since I was a little girl I would sketch, color, and paint everything I could. Art was how I expressed myself. As I got older I focused on fashion and devoted time to studying the industry. After a while, I took a break to find my real passion again. I began experimenting to get a feel of what I wanted to do and began creating more and more. And now I am beyond happy to capture moments, create art, and express my soul through art.”

Angelica Pasquali
“My artwork serves a bigger purpose of creating media for the better to educate, influence, and impact. My projects go into helping bring awareness to mental health and our climate crisis. As I see it, a successful photograph is one that stretches willingness, provokes thought, and most importantly, surfaces in future actions.”

Meet The Artists

Stop by on Thursday October 10, 2019 6:30PM – 9:00PM and meet the artists. Our kitchen will be open, serving up the best sandwiches in town with special party discounts. As always, this will be an alcohol-free event, so bring the kids! We’re also asking for guests to bring a donation for the Hoboken Shelter. For a list of what they need, go to

Supporting The Arts
As always, D’s Soul Full Cafe does not take any money from our artists. Any proceeds from art or music sold go directly to them.