Pay with Rolled Coins, Get 5% Off…

Here’s a way for you to save money and rid yourself of all those pesky coins. Plus you’ll be helping a local business stay in business.

Those who follow our Twitter and/or Facebook feeds will know that we’ve been pushing the idea that paying for the things you want with cash can (and will) help save any local business. We’ve come up with what we think is a fun way to inspire you to do just that while getting rid of those coins you’ve been hoarding.

  • Pay with Rolled Coins…
  • Get 5% Off!

Yeah, we know. You can just pour coins into some machine at the supermarket or bank and get your money changed that way. But if you just take a few moments to roll your own and bring them here, you’ll save money and help us survive.

Yep, that’s right. Even if you pay for just a portion of your bill at D’s Soul Full Cafe with rolled coins, you’ll get 5% off. That’s pretty cool since some of those fancy coin changing machines actually charge you a fee.

Now the trick to getting your 5% discount is threefold:

  1. The coins that you use need to be rolled (not loose).
  2. You do not need to pay your whole bill in rolled coins, but you do need to pay the whole bill in cash.
  3. Offer good for walk-in or phone orders only that are picked up in our cafe (not valid for deliveries).

So, why the push to get you to pay cash? Simple. Banks suck. They suck the money right from our account every time you use a credit/debit card, your phone, or pay using one of those online services. Not only that, the banks hold our money. Some for just a couple days, others for weeks at a time. This makes it very difficult for us to keep our fridges and shelves stocked.

If you’ve ever wondered why a small business is outta stock on certain things time and again, this is likely the reason. So despite what business banking commercials may claim, the more customers pay with cash, the easier it is for a small business to run efficiently and ultimately survive.

So help us out. Pay cash. Use rolled coins. Get a discount!