Live Music

At D’s Soul Full Cafe, we love showcasing great music from the talented musicians who live in and around Hoboken. Ours is a multidimensional approach to getting local musicians the exposure they deserve.

We’re always playing indie music on the cafe’s iPod. Plus, we offer two ways for musicians to showcase their talents live with our Soul Full Open Stage and Sunday Residency programs. Want to be featured? Scroll down and fill out our form.

Click Here to check out the great musicians who have played here!

Soul Full Open Stage

From 10AM-2PM Monday-Sunday (or … like you know … every day) musicians are invited to play on our li’l stage. We do occasionally have events booked, so check our Facebook/Twitter or call us to make sure the time you want is available.

No amps, no mics, no pressure. Just come by and play a few songs or maybe jam with other like-minded musicians. We want our place to feel like a clubhouse for folks to test out new material and network.

Open Stage Discount
As an added incentive, if you play two or more songs on our li’l stage, you’ll get 20% off your order!


An all-acoustic opportunity for you to run the show. We give you up to three hours to do with whatever you please. Play for the whole time by yourself. Invite friends to play with you. You’re the boss.

Want To Play Our Li’l Stage?

First: Read Our Caveats (especially if you’ve never been here)
We’re tiny! And when we say tiny, we mean tiny. The stage is the converted storefront window. It’s about 4′ deep by 7′ wide with some of the space taken up by a small electric piano.

Original Music ONLY! This is important. We here to promote the work of aspiring talent. So for that reason we ask that you perform only those tunes that you (or your band) have written.

There are no public restrooms. This is due to Hoboken Zoning Laws and Health Codes. We’re primarily a takeout joint with a cool space for art and performance. Performers will have access to the restroom but not customers.

There’s (very) limited seating. People can stand (of course). Our capacity is about 15 people with seating for about 6 people. It makes for an intimate performance. The best way to think of performing here would be as an “in-store” appearance. Like what record stores or book stores would do. Also the crowd tends to be very transient. We often tell folks not to get offended if people walk out. They’re not judging you, they’re just hungry. ;0)

Performances are acoustic. We do have that small electric piano we mentioned and a small amp if needed for a bass or whatever. There are definitely no drums. Percussion should be hand percussion only. Something like a cajon, djembe, etc. There’s no vocal PA and it’s not needed.

We are totally booze-free. Due to zoning laws in Hoboken, we can’t allow any alcohol here. Not even BYOB. We’ve tried. We got in trouble. :0\

As much as we’d like to, we can’t pay performers. However you will eat for free and you keep 100% of any money you make from tips or stuff that you sell.

Still Interested in a Residency or Showcase?

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