All New Soul Full Vegetarian Chili

It’s back and it’s better than ever. And we’re not just saying that. This stuff is pretty awesome!

We’re really stoked about this. Out of a bad situation (the details of which are not important enough to repeat) comes a new dish that is honestly better than the one before (and that was pretty freakin’ good). All we’ll say about the circumstances that got us here is this;

Out of any negative situation can come a positive result!

Our new Soul Full Vegetarian Chili is packed with delicious goodness that we think out shines our old recipe.

We start with a tomato base and a secret spice & seasoning mix that brings the right sweet/heat balance. To that we add beans, sweet corn, and healthy veggies. Then we slow cook the whole thing to perfection.

As before, we keep things interesting by serving our Soul Full Vegetarian Chili over brown rice and top it with a dollop of hummus.

Want it in a wrap? Yeah, we’re doing that again. We take our chili, add avocado and pepper jack cheese for an extra li’l kick. Then wrap it up and toast it.

What are you waiting for? Come get some!