Fill Your Belly & Support The Arts

Every artist featured at D’s Soul Full Cafe keeps 100% of the money from anything they sell. We don’t take any money from them.

As many of our regulars know, D’s has always been a staunch supporter of the arts. With new visual arts each month and music every weekend, we try to expose the public to as much of the Hoboken area’s best talent as possible.

One thing you may not know is that we do not take any money from the artists. If a painter wants to sell his or her art, then he or she keeps 100% of the money. Same with musicians. If they want to sell CDs or accept tips or whatever.

It’s common practice for art galleries to ask for a hanging fee in addition to taking a commission of whatever is sold. It’s also common practice for bars and clubs to take a portion of a band’s cover charge. We don’t do any of that.

When we first set out to feature art and music here, our goal was not to exploit the artists. We’re fans. The only real selfish part of what we do is that we get to book artists whose work we enjoy listening to or looking at.

If you had any reservations about buying some of the art or music that we feature here, fear no more. You can be assured that the money all goes to the artists. If you still have doubts, that’s cool. We know that this world can make it hard to trust people (or companies). We’re more than happy to give you the contact info of the artists so you can contact them yourself directly.

So come on in. Fill your belly and support the arts in Hoboken!

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