Joe Jacovino & Joe DelGiodice

Folksingers Joe and Joe played D’s in April, 2011

Joe Jacovino ‐ folksinger, guitarist, songwriter, blues harp master, beatific poet, vegetarian chef, master electrician, roller blade greased lightning speed skater.

Joe DelGiodice ‐ folksinger, acupuncturist, songwriter, herbalist, guitarist, vegan, naturopathic physician, and, weather permitting, cross country skier and single fin long board surfer.

These friends have played music together in Hoboken and in combo with other musicians for the past seven years. They are tellers of the story of life, good friends and compatriots that combine singing, guitars, blues harp (Joe), rumba shakers (the other Joe) in performing original folk songs that bring their audience into the arm kitchen of their music. They love the flavors of Hoboken and adding a little of their souls to its pot of broth.