May 2013 Music Resident: Jaime Rose Della Fave

Hoboken native brings her poignant, passionate and fun tunes to our li’l stage for the month of May.

Born and raised in our mile-square city, Jaime brings her songs to our li’l stage for the month of May. If you’ve followed the Hoboken music scene at all, then you are likely familiar with her music. Along with brother Dom, cousin Ed Smith and friends Dave Entwistle and Michael Mitolo, Jaime has been rocking loyal fans in the band The Fave for some time now.

The Fave have been described as joyful and poignant, passionate and fun. They’re a band who has that rare gift of being both tight and loose at the same time. We’re really excited to have Jaime playing here.

Art Opening for Jason Swartwood
Friday May 3, 2013 6:30PM – 9:00PM

Every Sunday in May!
Noon to 3:00PM

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