We Won Best Sandwiches At The 2011 Castle Point Cravings

We’re honored to have won our category at this year’s Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority charity event!

As the ravenous college horde swooped in, our samples went fast. We were worried that, at the rate these kids were sucking our sandwiches down, we’d run out before everyone got a taste. And while a scant few did miss out, we were able to feed just about everyone. And the result of this hectic feeding? D’s won Best Sandwiches in the first annual Castle Point Cravings Restaurant Competition.

A thank you note from the Lovely Sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon

This was a fundraising event by the Epsilon Gamma Chapter of the Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority at Stevens Institute of Technology. All proceeds from Castle Point Cravings ticket sales were donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

We had so much fun and want to send a warm thank you to Delta Phi Epsilon for inviting us to take part. We’re proud to know there are still college students in our community that take such pride in their philanthropic work. We hope to be invited back next year, if not sooner.

For any Stevens students that may have missed out on the samples (or loved them and want more), we offer a 15% discount to anyone paying with Duck Bills.

So come on by and say hi!