Art Exhibit Featuring Lilu Goncharova & Andrew Moya

Come check out our latest exhibit featuring two expressive & talented local artists with very different styles.

Our latest exhibit features two expressive & talented local artists with very different styles. The beautiful watercolor portraits of Russian-born artist Lilu Goncharova and the colorful illustrations of Hoboken native Andrew Moya.

~ See below for details about our Meet The Artists event November 6, 2022 ~
~ Show Run October 23 – December 15, 2022 ~

Lilu Goncharova

Lilu’s medium of choice is watercolor and her favorite subject is people. For the last 13 years she created thousands of original artworks, illustrated books, taught people drawing and painting, and made numerous commissioned art in Russia.

Lilu fled Russia at the onset of the war with Ukraine, horrified by her country’s actions. The work she brings to our walls are of faces filled with human emotions and personal stories. 

Check out her Instagram for more: @lilu_goncharova

Andrew Moya

Andrew Moya is a Hoboken-based Latino artist with a background in animation as well as illustration. He has aspirations of breaking through the animation pipeline so that he can one day develop his own animated televisions series and films.

Andrew’s work is filled with colorful characters that he hopes will one day tell meaningful and fun stories in new and creative ways.

Check out his Instagram for more: @moya_productions

Meet & Greet Reception

Sunday November 6, 2022 (2-6pm)
As part of Hoboken’s annual Art Walk & Studio Tour, come meet our artists, buy some art, grab a bite, and celebrate local creativity. As always this will be an alcohol-free event. We will have a special limited menu from our kitchen (well, where else would it be from?).