David, Stacy & Lloyd

This trio of talented friends played D’s in July 2011

Hoboken is a small town. Many musicians are not only friends, but play in each others bands. It’s part of the reason that this town is such a wonderful melting pot of creativity. Case in point, our three recent featured artists David Ribyat, Stacy Weidenmuller and Lloyd Gold.

They’ve been creating music together in varied formats for some time now, as you can see by the list of bands they are (mutually) in. Folk songs, samba rhythms, celtic rock all represented (just not at the same time).

– David Ribyat (Las Vandelays, Stacy & The Skywalkers, Lloyd United)
– Stacy Weidenmuller (Stacy & The Skywalkers, Las Vandelays)
– Lloyd Gold (Lloyd United, Stacy & The Skywalkers)