December 2014 Artists: Phoenix Theory

An innovative group of young artists & musicians will be taking over our li’l cafe for the month of December

Phoenix Theory are a grassroots Art Collective based out of Bogota, NJ. All of the artists in Phoenix Theory share the philosophy of creating something from nothing. Art form Ashes, as they call it. And now this group of young, innovative artists will take over our li’l cafe for December.

The Artists

Denise Alvarado
Mehdi Doumi
Alistair Duncan Borthwick

Opening Night Party

Thursday December 4, 2014 6:00PM – 9:00PM. Our kitchen will be open to serve you. This will be an alcohol-free celebration of the arts. Bring the kids!

Musical Entertainment
Deerheart — a group featuring Ollie Capone and other members of the collective — will be performing acoustic songs, accompanied by electronic beats.

Supporting The Arts
As always, D’s does not take any money from our artists. Any proceeds from art or music sold go directly to them.