Julian Peterson

Julian featured his old-school soul and blues style at D’s in May, 2010.

Julian Peterson is in love with the passion and elegance of old soul and blues singers. He pays tribute to many great artists‐ Ray Charles, Al Green, Otis Redding, Muddy Waters, and Freddie King, with a sound that is fresh and engaging. He describes the music he writes as a mix of old and new; music with bluesy melodic lines and passionate lyrics. Peterson’s music is a translation of sorts: what soul sounds like in the high mountains of Colorado.

Peterson is a singer‐songwriter who is drawn to simple arrangements with few supporting band members. In his solo performances he incorporates a bass line, percussion & a melody line with his guitar to create a unique listening experience and which he finds more fun to perform. Peterson’s compelling stage presence is attributed to his passion for his songs and his desire to connect with the audience. His yearning voice brilliantly delivers the notes to each individual in the audience.