July 2013: Open Stage Residency

Our stroke of bad luck with booking an act for July is your chance to play on our li’l stage each Sunday afternoon.

Summer months are tough for everyone. For us it’s tough to find musicians that are not outta town on the weekends. So for the month of July, we’ve decided once again to open our li’l stage to anyone who wants to play.

Yes it’s true that we normally have open stage six days a week, but for July, we’re making it seven. Come by one Sunday (or more). Pluck a guitar, sing a tune, play our piano, read some poetry, manipulate a Theremin … use your imagination.

Supporting The Arts
D’s does not take any money from our artists or musicians. Any proceeds from art or music sold go directly to them.

Seriously, how freakin’ cool would it be to have a Theremin player here?