June 2013 Music Resident: Herd of Turtles

Three turtles join together from differing backgrounds to create music on our li’l stage for the month of June

Jesse Dean Foster (aka Fozzy Turtle)
Jesse Dean Foster was Born and raised in Barbados. At the age of 16, after 5 years of playing, music overtook Jesse’s life completely. Taught by ear, Jesse spent countless years, first understanding of the concept of music and then creating his own. “The guitar became a part of me that I could no longer ignore, remove, put away, or lay to rest” says Jesse. “Slowly, it became an extension of my body.”

When asked about his influences, Jesse says “The Lord, my father, and all the music from Bob Marley, right back”.

For most, a career choice in the music business is a daunting task and to some a laugh. But according to Jesse, “People who want to know what I do… where I’ve come from… and how I got here…just know this, I was raised not to be the sheep, but to be the shepherd. Every challenge life has thrown at me that has broken me, has made me stronger in the same breath.”

Jesse’s mantra is “I am music and music is what I do…You have to live before you die young…”

Stu Damm (aka Yertle)
Stu Damm’s parents decided to buy him his very first drum pad and drum lessons at the young age of 8.

“Music always was, and always will be, the sole direction of my life, both professionally and personally” Stu reflects; which became evident by becoming a music major at the University of Colorado, Boulder (credited for its outstanding music academic studies).

After years of touring and commercial success with his first band Steak, Stu decided it was time to go his own way. Stu went on to play drums/percussion for countless venues in front of thousands in San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, etc…from legendary venues on Bleecker Street in NYC, to the Warped Tour. Stu quickly became one of the foremost percussionists in the NYC nightclub scene, playing alongside the most well-known DJ’s; at the most exclusive nightclubs in the city (Cain, Room Service, PM, M2 Ultra Lounge, Greenhouse, etc).

Stu’s influences are: Jon Bonham, Mitch Mitchell, James Brown’s Jabo Starks and Clyde Stubblefield, John Coltrane’s Elvin Jones and Stewart Copeland.

Alex Dezenzo (aka Red Beard)
No one knows much about Red Beard except for this. Alex DeZenzo was born, took up the piano, and now is a pianist.

Every Sunday in June from Noon to 3:00PM.