June 2012 Artist: Barbara Schaefer

Barbara Schaefer is our Featured Artist for June 2012. “Small time artist, just creating, to create.”

Barbara Schaefer is a seventeen year old high school junior trying to figure out what to with the rest of her life. Born in a small suburb of Chicago and raised here in our Mile Square, we are thrilled to have such a talented young artist grace our walls.

Within all the confusion, teen angst and melodramatic bickering I find swarming about me in the bellowing waves of youth I find solace and peace when I create, see, and hear art in any form. Needless to say, art is my very own sanctuary.

Opening Night Party

Friday June 1, 2012 6:30PM–9:00PM. We’ll have free food available for our guests. Soft drinks and coffee will be available a special discount. Bring the kids as this will be a family-friendly, alcohol-free celebration of the arts.

Musical Entertainment
Guitarist, video producer and all around swell guy Bill Hamilton brings his sense of humor and blues rock to our li’l stage for this party and then every Sunday in June.

Supporting The Arts
As always, D’s does not take any money from our artists. Any proceeds from art or music sold go directly to them.