Khaled brought his “east-meets-west” sound to D’s in November. 2010

Khaled’s music (pronounced Ka-lid) is the definition of East meets West. Khaled seamlessly fuses different musical genres into soulful arrangements and intricate rhythms. This unique style and sound, now dubbed Alternative World Fusion, brings together the music of cultures from the Middle East, the Mediterranean and the Americas.

Khaled Dajani is from the Middle East and moved to the U.S.A. at the age of 16. On his path, he developed a unique approach to guitar playing and a keen sense for different songwriting styles. The songs gracefully incorporate grooves such as the Brazilian Samba and Baio, the Afro-Cuban Songo and Bembe and the American Swing’s Shuffle. Together they create a progressive yet familiar and organic listening experience.

Khaled went on a summer tour to a receptive audience in 2009 and continues to perform regularly in New York City, as well as Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania. His album, “The Rabbit Hole” has been nominated for the Outstanding Album Award at the 2010 Hoboken Music Awards.

Khaled continues to grow his fan base and shows no signs of stopping, impressing audiences wherever the music is played. Welcome to Alternative World Fusion.

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