November 2011 Artist: missjenny

missjenny is our Featured Artist for the month of November 2011. Come check out her amazing 3D paintings.

At life, and as an artist, the style of Jenny “missjenny” Orrok remains consistently rooted in the creation of artwork whose foundation is composed of bold lines and bright color; bringing to life images that imitate the world of monsters that live in the closets of small children.

As a resident of Hoboken for seven years, Jenny teaches art to children, has painted many murals throughout the area and developed a unique style of 3D painting. She is also a tattoo artist and photographer.

Opening Night Party
Friday November 4, 2011 7:00PM – 10:00PM. We’ll have free food available for our guests. Soft drinks and coffee will be available a special discount.

Musical Entertainment
Due to an unfortunate bout with bronchitis, Karyn Kuhl will be unable to perform at our party. We wish her a quick recovery.

Luckily two fantastic acts will be here to tickle your musical fancy. We’ll have the blues of Jon D’Angelo and the Civil War era stylings of David Ribyat & Lloyd Gold.

More About missjenny

In 2001, Jenny began her practice in the art of tattoo where her natural talents housed the traditions of this unique art form. While comfortable in this field of decorative skin art, it was when she began to exercise her abilities with pigments on canvas, originating not so friendly illustrations that she began to discover what has come to define what the artistic voice of Jenny is.

With her passion as her compass, Jenny continues to move forward into new areas of creativity producing a collection of art that places you in both the heart of her life, and soul of her experiences with the hope for an unforgettable journey, all in perfect harmony.

Supporting The Arts
As always, D’s does not take any money from our artists. Any proceeds from art or music sold go directly to them.