Serving Hoboken for Fifteen Years!

On August 5, 2006 a simple bagel shop was transformed into Hoboken’s most unique sandwich shop.

Since August 2006, D’s Soul Full Cafe has endured some unbelievable setbacks (2 floods, 1 fire, countless winter storms, watermain breaks, and finally this horrid pandemic). Yet through it all, we’ve had the love and support of our friends, family and community. That’s how we’ve survived and can continue to do what we love. Serving Hoboken our unique twists on comfort food faves.

And — without giving away any secrets (yet) — there’s some exciting news coming in the next few months as we grow into the future.

Since We Can’t Have A Party

Yes, we know that the state and the CDC now claim it’s safe to have larger indoor gatherings, but the most recent news about Covid variants has us concerned. So we won’t be having a big party at this time. But we do have a way to say thank you to everyone for getting us to this milestone.

Special Discount

For a limited time, you can save 15% on all orders over $15 when you use our online menu! Offer good from August 5, 2021 – August 10, 2021. Go to to order and use code 15YEARS.

Thank you for 15 amazing years!