Art Show for Elaine Kiernan Gold

Elaine’s family has graced the shores of Hoboken for five generations and we’re happy to have her photographs grace our walls from 4/27-6/8

Photographer Elaine Kiernan Gold and her daughter Neva are fourth and fifth generation Hobokenites. Along with husband, musician and fellow artist Lloyd Gold, the family recently settled into their forever home on Hudson Street. It’s rare to hear such a thing these days. New Hoboken tends to shrug off history in favor of something (anything) new. We are just so thrilled to help share the family’s story thru Elaine’s photographs.

My first camera was a a Kodak EKTRALITE 10 that I’m pretty sure I got from Santa Claus. I come from a long line of photographers and hope to rebuild my dad’s darkroom in the basement of our home one day.

Elaine holds a bachelors in History from William Paterson, a Master’s in Historic Preservation from the University of Georgia and a Master’s of Library and Information Science from Rutgers.

I still want to be a historian when I grow up, but for now I am the Historic Preservation Officer for Bergen County and administrator of the Bergen County Historic Preservation Grant program.

Elaine’s family history dates back to 1847 when her great, great, great-grandfather landed in Hoboken from Ireland and decided to stay righ there. Her maternal great, great, grandfather (also from Ireland) piloted tugboats on the Hudson. There are several generations of Hobokenites that were taught in the public schools by her family (go ask you grandparents).

I’ve got some eyebrow raising stories about Hoboken politics (including my own). My dad left in 1961 to join the Army and I was born and raised in Bergen County but my husband and I finally made it back in 2006 and have no plans of leaving.

Show Run: April 27, 2017 thru June 8, 2017

Opening Reception Thursday April 27, 2017 7PM – 9PM
Our kitchen will be open with a special menu to serve you. This will be an alcohol-free celebration of the arts. Bring the kids!

Musical Guest
Elaine’s husband, Hoboken musical mainstay, fellow artist, and occasional pirate superhero Lloyd Gold brings the swashbuckling ukulele cabaret of Lloyd United back to our li’l stage as only he can. Special guests (as always) expected.

Supporting The Arts
As always, D’s does not take any money from our artists. Any proceeds from art or music sold go directly to them.