It’s Morning Again In Hoboken: Bagels Return to 918 Willow

After over 3 1/2 years we’ve finally caved to popular demand by bringing back a limited selection of fresh delicious bagels and spreads.

You may recall our somewhat surprising announcement a few years ago that as of January 2, 2014 we would no longer be offering bagels on our menu. We had our reasons (from business to health and beyond) and we’ve stuck by those convictions for lo these 3 1/2 plus years.

Recently, however, we began to rethink that decision.

While we still believe that the other items on our menu surpass bagels in many ways, people simply love bagels. And in recent months, the demand for those doughy li’l rings has been on the rise. We don’t know why now, after all this time, but it is happening. More and more folks are coming in and just matter-of-factly ordering bagels. They’re not asking if we sell bagels, they’re simply ordering them with an assumption that of course we do.

One customer — upon hearing we didn’t sell bagels — called his wife to say, “I’m at D’s Soul Full Cafe and they don’t have bagels. It’s weird.” Well, actually we hadn’t had them for quite some time, but this just kept happening. For years we’d get at most one or two requests a month. In recent months, it’s several a day.

So as of Saturday July 15, 2017 we will be offering bagels once again!

To start, we will have Plain Bagels only and a limited assortment of spreads which will include the usual suspects of butter (of course) along with plain, scallion, sundried tomato, and veggie cream cheeses. We’ll soon be offering new Avocado- and Hummus-based spreads as well. If demand deems it necessary, we will widen our selection further. Naturally, the bagels will also be available for any of the Breakfast and Lunch sandwiches we offer.

We will be working with our bakery to provide us will a full assortment of bagels for catering or special orders. If you’re interested, we would need to get your order no later than Noon the day before your event. Prices will be added on to our Catering page soon. Check back for details.

So, there you have it. Things change. We change. This time around the story is that of a sandwich shop expanding their menu, not a bagel shop changing direction. We hope you will continue on this journey with us that began way back in 2006!