Sarah Detweiler

Art on display at D’s in August 2010

My art is inspired by my emotions and my own life experience and perceptions. I am also always trying to change my perspective of life which is why my style often changes. My mood drives me more than anything. Many of my paintings provide a new experience each time they are viewed. I want people to have a relationship with my paintings whether it be a fling or an affair.

My process is aggressive and impatient in the beginning and precise and detail‐oriented in the end. When I get an idea, I want to put it down right away and therefore I usually head straight to the canvas without preliminary sketches. My paintings are also known to change drastically from the beginning to the end, and often there are two or three complete paintings under the final product.

I believe that those who appreciate my art are driven by an emotion in which they can relate. My paintings are never straight to the point and I think that the viewer appreciates being part of the process of interpreting my message.